1999 Birth of the Italian Manufacturers Association called Institute for the protection of Italian Manufacturers
2001 Introduction of the Enrico Letta decree changes the legislative decree of 11th April
2002 Introduction of the voluntary Made in Italy certification that follows the IT01 regulation system – 100% authentic Italian quality.
2003 Il Pinocchio Advertising campaign
2003 the Ministry of Industry has approved the 2004 promoting project of the 100% Made in Italy production
2003 Approval of the Finantial Act 2004
2004 Accreditation of the National Council of Employment and Economy
2004 the Ministry of Industry has approved the 2005 promoting project of the 100% Made in Italy production
2004 Support of the law proposal on the establishment of the 100% Made in Italy trademark
2005 Introduction of the SC Sanitary and Security Certification recognised by the European Union
2005 the Ministry of Industry has approved the 2005 promoting project of the 100% Made in Italy production
2006 Introduction of the Handmade in Italy certification
2006 Introduction of the I colletive trademark available to manufacturers enrolled in the National Register Office
2007 Presentation of the Project 100% Made in Italy to the Italian provinces. Approval of the project by the Province of Ascoli Piceno. The project is going to be defined in the Province of Macerata and Pesaro Urbino.
2008 Establishment of trade marks for the recognition and quality of Italian products
2010 Proposal to Italian MP Mr. Scajola for the introduction of initiatives to promote the tax exemption and decontribution of charges for small and medium-sized enterprises;
2011 Resolution of the Italian Parliament for the recognition of benefits for Companies that guarantee the entire Italian production of their products;
2011 Draft of various proposals by the Institute, including: new legislation for Made in Italy products, tackling counterfeiting and consumer safety, product labelling, training, outsourcing, cooperation and financial resources;
2012 Approval of the Project 100% Made in Italy by the Province of Fermo;
2013 Draft proposals for the rebirth of the Italian productive system, a Law for the Protection of Made in Italy products and the health of consumers, with the support of 52 Italian Mps.
2013 Draft Proposals for laws to safeguard Made in Itlay products and consumer's health.
2013 Public Petition in support for 100% Made in Italy production, which got 766 signatures, and over 350,000 viewers on social networks related to the Institute.
2014 Talks with 5 Italian MPs for the 'development of a proposal for a law to protect Made in Italy productions
2014 Draft proposals for the rebirth and Italy through the revival of city centers for the creation of commercial areas for quality products, hospitality and entertainment
2014 Draft proposals to strengthen the fight against Made in Italy fake products.
2014 Agreement with ICE Trade Commission for the promotion of the Certification in their official portal
2015 Establishment of the BQR Best Quality Retalier
2016 Establishment of the Made in Italy Documental Study Center
2016 Request for advice from the Customs and Monopolies Agency
2017 Ministry of Economic Development accreditation for Company Export Services TEM
2018 Inclusion in the SME Permanent Tables of the Ministry of Economic Development
2019 Call to the Chamber of Deputies - II ° Justice Commission for the fight against counterfeiting and Establishment of the 100% Made in Italy brand

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