The Institute

The Institute mission is to defend, promote and give proper value to true original Italian productions.
The Istituto has been the only national organisation member of the CNEL (National Council for Economy and Labour) for the scope of defence, promotion and proper appreciation on Made in Italy products since 2004.
Over the years the Istituto has made various proposals for legislation to safeguard Italian productions.
In order to provide a way to properly appreciate real Italian productions, the 100% Made in Italy Certification has therefore been introduced.

La Piazza, Il Salotto Buono - is a project to give new life to city centres in small towns.
The Ethical Code for Made in Italy productions has been introduced to provide a wider consistency to all factors behind the product realisation.

A number of initiatives has been activated to help the internationalisation of Italian companies:

  • Export Online - to be able to carry out market research for the accreditation of Italian producers in the world to create the conditions for B2B meetings between italian producers and international distributors.
  • Lusso Italiano - To showcase and distribute the best of Italian production in the world.
  • L'Italiano - to showcase and distribute the best Italian food and drinks in the world.
  • - to showcase and distribute Italian products internationally through the web.
    A number of project are directed at inviting international buyers in Italy.
  • - For buyers of glamour and chic shoes and bags.
  • - For buyers of glamour and chic clothing and accessories.

A variety of communication tools have been created:

National and international awards have also been established:

Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers, Italian Manufacturers, 100% Made in Italy