Registro Internazionale Negozi e Distributori 100% Made in Italy

International Registry of Stores and Distributors with 100% Made in Italy Products

An international network of stores that distribute quality products, that is beautiful, sophisticated, special, unique, original, innovative products with own identity has now been established.
It goes without saying that to be recognised as a real Italian product, the essential requirement is having obtained the certification of origin and quality 100% Made in Italy - System IT01.

To qualify for recognition international distributors have to apply so that the following requirements can be verified:
The store or distributor:
- distributes Made in Italy products with guaranteed Certification IT01;
- distributes international high-quality products;
- employs expert personal shopper for customers;
- employs expert consultants for purchases;
- adopts criteria of excellence in product selection, that is beautiful, sought after, exclusive, original, innovative products with their own identity.

After a preliminary investigation, the Technical Committee will award every month this recognition.
The recognition award will be given four times a year in Fermo or delivered abroad if requested.

For information:

Project manager
Dott. Marco Tomassini
Tel 0734.605483
Email [email protected]

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